Micro book reviews

  • ‘Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?’ ~Diane Ratican

Rich yet modest narrative interspersed with famous quotes and charming illustrations, all of these wonderful narrative ploys are serenely combined in Ratican’s ‘Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?’ and this makes for a enjoyable, beautiful read. Ratican compares and contrasts the ‘City of Stars’ and ‘City of Lights’ wonderfully, there is whim, there is humour, there is such a vast amount of knowledge about the cities that you feel like you are living and learning all about them firsthand. The illustrations are charming and whimsical, very engaging and they illuminate the ongoing narrative. There is a reasonable amount of know-how on fashion, cinema, music, artists, sports, the Olympics, the grand architecture, the most recognised and loved landmarks, culture, lifestyle and a lot more. Very entertaining and heartwarming.

  • ‘Clyde’ ~David Helwig

Helwig’s ‘Clyde’ is a book that offers us vivid and thorough glimpses into our protagonist’s circle of family and friends. Our protagonist, Clyde, recounts and relives the memories and recollections of the past and how those times shaped him. There is study of political and monetary relationships, how it affects human behaviour, how bonds strengthen, how they weaken, there are glimpses into history, we are taken into the time of post-war Canada. It is an engaging and heartwarming read.

  • ‘Welcome to the Slipstream’ ~Natalka Burian

An exploration of mental illness, identity, family, relationships are the echoing themes of Burian’s book, ‘Welcome to the Slipstream’. The definition of ‘normal’ is put to the limelight and the illusion of stability are nicely touched upon. Spiritual journeys also makes an appearance and ‘cult’ and ‘con artists’ jump in the bandwagon too. Also an exploration of the sensitivities and complexities that make up the experience when trying to save a person who does not want to be saved. Aptly titled ,Welcome to the Slipstream’, it is a good read.



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