ponderings and thanks

/when you look out into infinity, you realise that there are more important things than what people do all day./


‘the story peddler’

This is a story for those days when the wind rages on on the outside and the rain beats against the windows, a story you curl up with a blanket and a cup of tea, a story which is a feast for your senses and an exercise for your imagination. You are transported and transformed from the inside out and when you return from your adventure, you will find that the world is the same as you had left it and yet it is somehow different.

the naked truth.

I wonder what you would hear if you could listen to what is playing in our heads- the oversaturated cacophony or the deafening silence; what you would see if our thoughts could be visualised and streamed- shots of thoughts hitting other thoughts torrentially or the same one playing in an unending loop; what you would smell if the miasma inside us wafted its way to your nose somehow- the sickening numbness or the paralysing fear; what you would perceive tactically when you touched us- the charged up physical façade of thoughts or the lifeless shell barely hanging in there, drained out by utter exhaustion.

Micro book reviews

'Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?' ~Diane Ratican Rich yet modest narrative interspersed with famous quotes and charming illustrations, all of these wonderful narrative ploys are serenely combined in Ratican's 'Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?' and this makes for a enjoyable, beautiful read. Ratican compares and contrasts the 'City of Stars' and 'City of Lights' wonderfully, there is … Continue reading Micro book reviews

‘Remember, Remember’

Set in 1987 London, our protagonist is a young woman who finds herself lying on the streets outside of the British Museum, with no memories of who she is, where she came from or what she had been doing. The only thing she remembers is that the name 'Sherlock Holmes' holds some meaning to her, and she has visions of blood and of holding a revolver.